15 Real-Life Family Secrets That’ll Actually Make Your Jaw Drop

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their family’s biggest secrets. Here are the completely jaw-dropping results.

1. This diabolical plan:

“After my uncle died, we discovered that he had a second wife who he spent most of his time with. Literally no one on either side knew this for over 25 years. He also purchased the same prefab house, same furniture, and same everything for each of his wives so their houses mirrored each other (and probably helped him to keep his story straight).”


The CW

2. This chilling testimony:

“My husband’s grandmother was a Jewish teenager during WWII and was placed into a concentration camp. During this time, a Nazi guard fell in love with her and would bring her extra food, clothing, etc. He continued to protect her to keep her alive. When the war was over, she came to the US and started a new life. She told this secret to our family just days before she passed away.”


3. This insane story:

“My aunt poisoned my grandma for her inheritance. Everyone in my family knows about it, but it’s just not talked about.”


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4. This wild tale:

“My great-uncle was killed in a train accident in the ’60s. I recently learned that he was having an affair at the time, and he got killed because he and his mistress were fooling around while they were parked on a railroad track! The train crashed right into them. No one in my family has ever really discussed it.”


5. This late confession:

“My dad created a Ponzi scheme of sorts by claiming he created an invention that turned water into energy. He defrauded thousands of people out of their money. When my dad ultimately went to prison, we believed it was just a mistake (not knowing where his money was really coming from), but a few months ago my mom revealed that he went to prison for a similar crime before I was born.”

—Dallas Brady, Facebook


6. This life-changing secret:

“I spent the last 40 years obsessing over my grandmother’s amazing family photo collection, which showcased our rich, dynamic, and loving family history. Well, last year she pulled out a secret photo album, containing several photos of my great-great-uncle, proudly posing in his SS Nazi uniform. I felt like my entire family history was a lie.”


7. This jealous affair:

“My grandma had an affair and got pregnant, so my grandfather got back at her by sleeping with the wife of the guy she had an affair with. Because of this, my uncle is technically only my half-uncle.”



8. This detective case:

“My brother and his ex-wife were swingers, and she happened to get pregnant. Ever since their daughter was born, we’ve had a family friend who always – I mean always – came to the child’s big life events, like birthdays and recitals. It wasn’t until recently when someone pointed out how similar that child and our family friend look. I’ve tried asking questions, but no one will give me a straight answer, so I’m convinced she’s not my brother’s kid!”


9. This bizarre turn:

“My aunt is actually my sister. My mom gave birth to my ‘aunt’ when she was 16, so my grandmother raised the baby as her own.”



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