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17 Delicious Junk Foods You Need To Eat In Toronto

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1. Bison, Elk, and Kangaroo Sausages from WVRST.

Wvrst is famous for exactly that — bratwurst. They have every flavor imaginable, including kangaroo, wild boar and bison. The fries are cooked in duck fat for a flavorful baseball stadium throwback. Grab some at 609 King Street.

2. The “Go Chuck Yourself” Burger from Holy Chuck.

Looking for a burger that can truly challenge you? The “Go Chuck Yourself” has six patties, six pieces of cheese, three portions of bacon, and grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns. Need I say more? Urgh, fine, there’s also poutine. Eat away at 1450 Yonge St.

3. Gelato and Chocolate from SOMA Chocolate

Love gelato? Love chocolate? Have both at SOMA. The chocolatemakers have a selection of delicious treats including gelato with a liquid chocolate shot and gianduja (aka chocolate-hazelnut) caramel laced with Pop Rocks. Get your sugar on at 32 Tank House Lane or at 443 King Street West.

4. Poutine from SMOKE’s Poutinerie

Bacon Poutine, Triple Pork Poutine, Philly Cheesesteak Poutine, AND MORE. Check it out at 218 Adelaide Street West.

5. Red Diamonds and Pearls Cheesecake from Carole’s Cheesecake

The powerful combo of red velvet cake and cheesecake awaits under “diamonds” of raspberry puree and “pearls” of frosting. If you’re more of a traditionalist, the classic cheesecake is great too. Pick up a slice at 2700 Dufferin Street.

6. Wings from Duff’s Famous Wings

If you have a taste for self-destruction, try the “Death” and “Armageddon” sauces and get your name on the Wall of Pain. Chow down at 1604 Bayview Avenue or 558 College Street West.

7. Super Royal Baked Alaska from Dutch Dreams

If you’re looking for something relatively modest, grab a candy-covered cone and load it up with a few scoops of ice cream. But if you want to go all in? The Super Royal Baked Alaska is a huge pile of cake, ice cream, toasted meringue, almonds and fruit. Holy. Crap. Worship it at 78 Vaughan Road.

8. Burgers and a “Vatican on Ice” from Burger Priest

All the burgers at Burger Priest are on point, but it’s the off-the-menu “Vatican on Ice” sandwich that is out of this world. Two grilled cheese sandwiches with ice cream in the middle: The work of a genius, or the work of the devil? Guess you’ll have to try it to decide. Grab one for yourself at 3397 Yonge Street1636 Queen Street East or 463 Queen Street West.

9. Bacon Pancakes from Saving Grace

Bacon and pancakes are a classic, but what about bacon IN pancakes — why aren’t these literally everywhere?! Grab a stack at 907 Dundas St W.

10. Butter Tarts from Leah’s

Butter tarts are the reason we should all be moving to Canada. A tart filled with sugar, butter, maple syrup and eggs, it’s basically a maple-drenched gift from the heavens. You can grab them in many places in Toronto, but Leah’s version is especially delicious. Pick some up at 621 St. Clair Avenue West.

11. Ice Cream Sandwiches from Bakerbots Baking

Buttery cookies and rich ice cream come together for the perfect hand-held dessert at Bakerbots. Grab your own (or three) at 205 Delaware Ave.

12. The Ultimate Hot Dog from Uncle Betty’s Diner

Whether it’s a hot dog topped with macaroni and cheese or a pulled pork grilled cheese sandwich, this upscale diner has the meat-and-cheese fix you need. Grab a seat at 2590 Yonge St.

13. Buttermilk Chicken Tenders from The Chickery

The people at The Chickery clearly understand that there are few (or maybe zero) foods on earth better than truly great chicken tenders, which is why they dip theirs in buttermilk batter and fry them to crispy perfection. Grab some yum at 130 Spadina Ave.

14. Deep-Fried Hot Dogs from Gushi

Hot dogs are good. Tempura-battered hot dogs on a stick are even better. Get your own at 707 Dundas St West.

15. Blueberry Balsamic Donuts from Paulette’s

Half fried chicken shop, half donut shop, Paulette’s offers the best of both worlds. Fancy ‘nut flavors include blueberry balsamic and pecan crunch cinnamon bun. Grab one or a dozen at 1440 Yonge Street or 913 Queen Street East.

16. Onion Rings from Fresh

Who would’ve thunk that onion rings covered in quinoa could be so delicious? Lucky for us, Fresh did. The vegetarian restaurant’s rings are a delicious way to feel virtuous about eating junk food. Grab an order at 894 Queen Street West.

17. BeaverTails from BeaverTails Pastry

Shaped like a (you guessed it) beaver tail, these pastries are overloaded in the best way. The whole wheat dough is topped with butter and whatever other sweets you want and served piping hot. The fact that we don’t have these in the U.S. is criminal. Grab one from the food truck at the Toronto Premium Outlet Malls.

Big ups to the users at Gogobot for their delicious suggestions.

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